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Sète #19
by Vanessa Winship
ImageSingulières is a documentary photography festival created in 2009 in Sète. Each year a renowned photographer is invited to take a look at the city and produce a series of photographs that are the subject of a book. Great photographers (Anders Petersen, Stéphane Couturier, Richard Dumas...) have thus given birth to a remarkable collection that reveals so many facets of current photography. In 2019 the residence was entrusted to Vanessa Winship. Known for her extensive work in the United States (She dances on Jackson) and Anatolia (Sweet Nothings), she is the author of a documentary work that is both classic and contemporary, questioning the relationship between man and territory.

Christian Caujolle, critic and exhibition curator, accompanies this corpus of images with a text.
ISBN: 978-2-36744-134-4
Publisher: Le Ben en l'Air & CéTàVOIR

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