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GNMA - 跑到了群馬縣的山上 In the Mountains of Japan's Gunma Prefecture
by Etienne Leung
In spring, 2017, Etienne Leung participated in an artist residency in Onishi, a small town with the population of seven thousand people in the Japan’s Gunma Prefecture, Japan, where she shot a short documentary film Lucky Boy.

Being motivated by the local residents’ enthusiasm and vitality of life, Etienne wandered around in the town during the process of shooting her film, and captured candid moments in town through photography, exploring how the local people found happiness in their everyday lives.

In this event, the author will be sharing her work and experience in Onishi, alongside a private screening of her recent work Lucky Boy - A short documentary film about explores how a single father pursues his ideal lifestyle in the midst of nature and the peasantry.

This short film was awarded Special Mention Winner in this year’s "Paris Lift-Off Festival" and “Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival".
ISBN: 978-988-77970-2-9
Publisher: Brownie Publishing

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