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Boring Book
by Dawn Parsonage
Boring Book, Dawn Parsonage, 2019.

Edition of 200.

56p +4

The Boring Book is a comprehensive look at Dawn Parsonage’s boring project including the contemporary Boring Portraits and the found photographs of bored people which inspired them.

The first recorded use of the word boredom is found in Charles Dickens' Bleak House (1852).

This Boring Book accompanies the Boring Exhibition, featuring found photography and contemporary portraits by artist Dawn Parsonage, first shown at Bermondsey Project Space, London (2019).

When was the last time you were bored? Like really bored? Could you still become bored if you knew someone was photographing you?

The Boring Exhibition looks at boredom through two interconnected elements, the historical and the contemporary. The impetus for the boring portrait project was the found photography which Dawn had collected from across the globe. Working with psychologists, Dawn constructed a series of experiments to explore the idea of coaxing people into boredom and looking at our relationship with boredom today.

The book includes words from the artist and the psychologist who helped with the constructing the experiments.
Publisher: Bermondsey Project Space

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