Sant Khalsa

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Sant Khalsa - Prana: Life With Trees
by Sant Khalsa with Essays by Andi Campognone, Colin Westerbeck, Betty Brown and Patricia Watts
Sant Khalsa - Prana: Life With Trees Hardcover, 178 pages, 7.5 x 9.25 inches ISBN: 978-0-9998452-6-4 $45 plus tax

Includes 174 reproductions of photographs, mixed media and installation works by Sant Khalsa; Introduction by Andi Campognone; Essays by Colin Westerbeck and Betty Ann Brown; Interview by Patricia Watts; and additional writings by Sant Khalsa.

The subject of trees has been a focus in Sant Khalsa’s creative work for nearly five decades. "Prana - Life With Trees" is the first in depth survey of Khalsa’s intimate connection with trees – her explorations, observations, perceptions and interpretations. Her unique perspective is expressed through a style that encompasses the documentary, subjective and conceptual. Her work evokes a meditative calm to what we often experience as a chaotic and conflicted world.
ISBN: 978-0-9998452-6-4
Publisher: Griffith Moon & MOAH Lancaster, 2019
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