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Independent Mysteries
by Michael Magers
It’s rare that an image captures the opaque poetry of everyday life. Yet that poetry recurs in Michael Magers’s photography. His rare eye for unusual moments and fleeting connections—or lack thereof—has earned him an international reputation as a photographer, journalist, and artist. Magers’s photos have appeared in prominent publications including TIME, The California Sunday Magazine, Vogue Italia, and Huck. In both his commissioned and personal work—which has taken him to Japan, Cuba, Haiti, and many other countries—Magers explores the intimacy of the world around him, capturing subtle moments of solitude even amid the constellation of activity on city streets. These pictures not only celebrate the essence of everyday life, but also the magic of each moment. Every one of the grainy, black-and-white photographs in his first monograph carries a secret to be discovered and explored.

With contributions from acclaimed Cuban musician Daymé Arocena, photographer Larry Fink, celebrated Japanese Tattoo Artist Horiren 1st, award-winning authors Matt Goulding and Mitch Moxley, and musician, poet and visual artist Matthew Shultz.

ISBN: 9783775746403
Publisher: Hatje Cantz, November 2019

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