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Inner Flash
by G R McDougall
Get your Wordsworth. Lucid, affectionate storytelling found in a flash of brilliance and honed with craftsmanship. Includes two responses to the Je-Suis-Charlie events, plus Tribute to Kiama, Patting the Dog, Coconut Soup, Tipsy, (for those special occasions), Pasha Bulka, (a stranded ship on Newcastle Beach), Not Yet Treasure, Mangrove Mountain 1942, Canberra Chill, Potts Hill Lad, Parrot D'day, The Hour of In-Between, The Destiny of Frogs, For Zana and Sydney Harbour ekphrasis (look it up). Hey. Life is worth living. Poetry Saves Lives. 'Style is knowing who you, what you have to say, and not giving a damn.' For a free reading of Patting The Dog, winner of the Peter Cowan Short story Prize.
ISBN: 9781310256264
Publisher: Smashwords
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