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Matter and Desire
by Andreas Webber
"When addressing the ecological, political, and economic catastrophes of our time, practice is often well intentioned while underlying theories are misguided, even in best efforts. In Matter and Desire: An Erotic Ecology, German scholar and writer Dr. Andreas Weber plumbs the sources of our most pressing issues and discovers a misunderstanding of what it truly means to love. Love and erotic are, respectively, complicated and prurient terms, but Weber s treatment of both goes beyond their popular perception: Weber argues all ecosystems, down to their cellular and molecular levels, need love to function. Love and eroticism, contact and touch, are inextricably linked to the physical and metaphysical makeup of existence including society at large, the workings of one single body, and our emotional networks. Weber argues that we often love incorrectly : what we popularly consider to be love does not make us more alive. Love necessitates an allowance, even an effort, to propagate more life for all living things. Weber s titular aliveness, deep deference to biological relation as love, is intended to supplement or even replace the concept of sustainability, which he feels is inadequate for current ecological and human crises. Weber opines, By learning once again to understand our existence as a praxis of love will we grasp anew the overwhelming ecological and human dilemmas that we face. Through Weber s reflections on his experiences of love, Matter and Desire recalls the naturalists who wrote passionately about encounters with the natural world. Weber also incorporates the works of great minds like Immanuel Kant and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to synthesize his foundational thesis of erotic ecology: To be allowed to live bountifully is to be loved. To allow yourself your own aliveness is to love yourself and also the creative world, which is by nature deeply alive. "
ISBN: 978-1-60358-697-9
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing, Vermont

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