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Wet | Land (Alterity Three)
by Jared Lindahl
Wet | Land is a document of bogs, fens, mires, and swamps scattered across New England, Canada, and Sweden. Often obscured by impenetrably dense vegetation or not traversable on account of their dangerously unstable surfaces, wetlands are rarely destinations in themselves. Roads and trails circumvent them, their names are left unspecified, and their boundaries determined by blank spaces on the map.

The photographs assembled in this collection are drawn from encounters with more than 50 sites pursued from 2015 to 2018. On account of their unique ecology, wetlands of various latitudes and during different seasons presented a multitude of qualities: hydrophilic flora at the bog’s edge; layers of ice and peat in partially frozen swamps; carnivorous plants almost hidden amidst the moss. Being neither clearly land nor water, their liminality defies human expectations of what a landscape is supposed to be.
ISBN: ISSN 2514-1961
Publisher: Center for Alterity Studies

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