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by Mark Bartkiw

My work reflects my ongoing fascination with the construction of imaginary worlds that mirror a distorted reality. These fictional tableaus are reflective of inner states of mind and responsive to world issues. The camera is used for its ability to record actual visual information and create a level of familiarity. I use a variety of collage methods, sometimes in the building of a photographic source, sometimes in post-production. In all cases, I am playing with scale shifts and unsettling points of view. I put together photos taken from different parts of our world to create this alternate reality, one that is similar to our world but with enough difference to create uncertainty. I see these Images as a lucid dream that reflect our own distortions and interpretations of what we see. We make assumptions or judgement based on first glance. This remanufacturing of landscape and architecture results in objects and buildings that float in a slightly skewed space. Reassembling reality based on the experience of multiple places and locations creates new spaces that verge on recognizable, but defy definition. This process of reinterpreting the world is something that I do to feel more at home in the world. But the new world we create puts us on the wrong side of the mirror, looking back at the reflection of our ever-shifting psyches.
ISBN: 9554424
Publisher: Blurb
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