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Uncovering the Stillness of Motion
by Roslyn Julia
Motion is the truth of our existence. We are ever in motion, while our minds struggle to pause reality in order to grasp it. Realizations, epiphanies, and memories all feel static when one goes to recall them. The dance consciousness plays with stillness and motion is like most rules of our reality — harmony exists within the paradox.

The photographs in this collection are metaphors for awarenesses had in daily life. Whether a mundane awareness such as remembering an old memory, or a meaningful epiphany had while flying high above land in an airplane, each work can symbolize these important moments within human consciousness; the cognizance that leads us down the paths of life and the relationship between our minds, physical space and time we occupy.
ISBN: 978-1-7341502-0-9
Publisher: Goldenrod Editions
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