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Whole Queens Catalog
by Magali Duzant
Whole Queens Catalog is a free ( limited print run ) publication commissioned for Who Takes Care of New York? an exhibition at the Queens Museum co-organized by the NY Urban Field Station ( US Forest Service ), NYC Parks, Pratt Institute’s Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative, and independent curator Christina Freeman. Currently on view as part of Bio 26 : Common Knowledge, The 26th Design Biennial in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The catalog takes inspiration from Stewart Brand’s 1960s American counterculture magazine and product catalog, Whole Earth. Consisting of anecdotes, recipes, disaster survival techniques, and other wisdom, the piece, a two sided large scale folded green newsprint, represents a practical, sometimes goofy, ode to community groups and the work they do. The stewardship groups identified in the catalog were found using the NYC STEW-MAP, a searchable database of city based stewarding organizations.
Publisher: Self published
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