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Familiar Stranger
Familiar Stranger / Pre-order Our First Book On Mobile Photography

Format: Paperback 15x24 cm Pages: 160 Year: 2020 Edition: 1st Project Supervision: Giuseppe Oliverio Concept and Editing: Rocco Venezia Design: Paolo Berra, Patrizio Anastasi Publisher: PHmuseum

FAMILIAR STRANGER as defined by Stanley Milgram (Milgram 1972) are those individuals who do not know each other but share some common attributes like interests, occupation, location etc. For instance, people taking the same train daily find familiar faces but do not know each other. Moving this concept to a virtual environment, it is equally interesting and challenging to explore the existence of familiar strangers in the current online world. Social networks represent indeed a complex set of human relations where interactions are expressed through posts, tags, shares, and likes. With this book we aim to reflect on them and the common attributes, behavioural patterns, and interests suggested by the 11,000 photos sent to the PHmuseum 2019 Mobile Photography Prize.

Featuring an essay by Erik Kessels, judge of the PHmuseum 2019 Mobile Photography Prize.