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russian ark
by calogero russo
Dimensions 32x23, 48 pages colors. Limited edition, 120 copies signed Paper: moldmade Burgo, inside 134g /cover 300g bookbinding: wire stitch

On the 100th anniversary of Russian Revolution and Twenty-five year after the collapse of of the URSS, this photographic project represents a “journey” through Russia and its former satellites states within which still today preserve the atmosphere of the “Russian soul”. The title of the project, Russian Ark, is a tribute to Aleksandr Sokurov's movie, where a noble French diplomat and a voiceover drive the viewer through the halls of the Hermitage Museum, retracing the main events of the Russian history. Likewise, I try - with my images - to drive you through the atmosphere of the Russian soul as if you were at the cinema, watching a long take.
ISBN: 9786009885657
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