Matteo de Mayda

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Era Mare / It Was Sea
by Matteo de Mayda

On the night of 12 November 2019, the tide in Venice reached 187 cm above the mean sea level. An exceptional event that submerged the streets and flooded nearly every ground floor. We decided to avoid an aggressive chronicle of the damage to respect the people who were affected, so as to show the hanging, fragile atmosphere of Venice, its lagoon and the Venetians. Accompanying the pictures, a text that shows an uncertain and dystopic imaginary and invites us to reflect on the future of the city. The proceeds will be donated to Do.Ve cultural association, a network of commercial activities and private citizens involved in the preservation and valorization of a large area of the Dorsoduro district. The association commits to use the raised funds to help these realities get back up again.

Publisher: bruno
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