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Omens of murder
by Stephen Shaw
Omens of Murder is a personal memorialism, a private poetry photo-book about true events in the subjects life resulting from the same notions and lack of sight as Emmet Tillets perpetrators.

How one man tried to do his best for his family by following his dreams and desires, and how they crumbled at the hands of others through illegal interference. Damaged minds hurting others through presumptions based on conjecture and media mis-interpretation, a simple lack of sight. This book shows sin, vengeance formed over societal abuse. How bitter people can become because of it, then blinded, due to seeking revenge for a cultures sickness which sadly always hides in its own shadows.

Ultimately the perpetrators have become what they set out to destroy, through their own assumptions. It is easy to believe someone has done wrong and ignore the truth when deep down lack of sight consumes you due to anger over your own past.

An eye for an eye but that eye is blind.
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