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Beyond Vanity - Jenseits von Eitelkeit
by Rüdiger Beckmann

Photography often dealts with the look of things and remains superficial. Ruediger Beckman focuses a little deeper. Over years he accompanies girls and women between 16 and 25 (and older) on a photographic basis and observes their development. These photos usually don’t stay on the decorative surface, they are close, personal and honest, you get a glimse of the being and the soul of every person. Why do we want photos? What were we looking for, and what are the new goals after such an experience? Our own predudice vanishes over time and gives room for a new self-understanding. The further we go, the more interesting it gets. That’s why »Beyond Vanity« is no little coffee-table book, it’s a very autobiographical wrap-up of the past 12 years which explains its own concept over the sheer mass of pictures. 268 pages give a concise understanding of the concept to explore everyone’s very own personal beauty.

Publisher: Eigenverlag
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