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Will you remember me?..
by Simone Settimo / Text by Michele Drascek
All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. Friedrich Nietzsche

We are confronted so frequently by reportages of the liveliness of the city of New York in its constant and perpetual movement, that these images are already part of our collective consciousness: it is an iconic luggage. But the mystery of the assiduous transformations that move about restlessly in New York, can still appeal the senses of a mindful and attentive eye.

If the city moves, the eyes can gaze better by moving too.

It is by walking that Simone Settimo confronts the current of events of New York. He captures images while he is being caught by events. Therefore, the captured phenomenons are transient and instants prevails on stability. We can read in his photography an impression of a perpetuum mobile.

In Will you remember me?, Reality is a Becoming. With Will you remember me?, the photographer creates marks within the Becoming.

Settimo doesn’t aim to analyse reality through photography, and yet he is not simply documenting the reality by means of photography. He has eyes for that moment where there’s a fleeting equilibrium between the before and the after.

In this fleeting equilibrium, the landscape is human. And, importantly, the artist is capable of interpreting this landscape yet avoiding social and anthropological analysis. There is space for emotions.

This, in a world - and in a city - that takes its portrayal already for granted.

Michele Drascek
Publisher: Self Published in 300 copies

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