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Buenos Aires (photobook)
by Michele Molinari
Buenos Aires – photo book – , has been presented during Disanima Piano 2nd edition (during Festival di Letteratura), September 10-12, 2015 in Mantua, Italy. Audio visual + mixed media installation, here.

Not iconic photographies, black and white and color, of Buenos Aires. Critical text by Alessandro Trabucco and text by Michele Molinari. A4 format bound staple horizontal, softcover, 36 pages., 14 color photos and 14 b&w photos.

” … Walls, smooth and bare, which Molinari photographs closing up on its own camera lens, show a dreary and anonymous city side, even though in his framings, bolds and never trivials, the photographer is able to unearth and celebrate, of these white concrete buildings, a hidden and austere, almost majestic, beauty. “ A. T.

” … It’s true that places are shaped by people living there, but it’s also a fact that urban forms mould inhabitants. That’s Buenos Aires: people and forms. Bizarre, unique. I never looked at cities that way before, and probably never listened to people that way either – open minded, genuinely listening to them. …” M. M.
ISBN: 9780960010516
Publisher: So di non vedere
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