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GALAPAGOS "Life & Evolution"
by Anamaria Chediak with a foreword by Philippe Cousteau and Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

"As you dive into this glorious book by Anamaria Chediak and begin absorbing her breathtaking images you begin to understand what Darwin found so magical about this place. Flipping through the pages is like going on a virtual tour; you can almost feel the sun on your face, hear the sea lions bark or the sound of iguanas running across the rocks. And you get a sense of the tremendous spirit of the creatures that inhabit the Islands. Their undeniable personalities will leave you feeling hopeful about our beautiful planet and committed to making sure it thrives."

ISBN: 978-9942-35-519-5 Hardcover : 204 pages Language: English and Spanish Dimensions: 11,8 x 11,8 inches
Publisher: Anamaria Chediak

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