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by Anamaria Chediak
A delightful photographic collection that captures the intense colors, the diverse textures and exotic shapes of the finest flowers grown in the Middle of the World. Cultivated amid the mountains of the Avenue of the Volcanoes, infused by the rays of the Equatorial sun, nurtured with skill and passion, and feed by the pure waters of Andean glaciers, the flowers of Ecuador are blessed - just like the country that gave them life. The images of these flowers are captured in this book by the inspired eye of Anamaria. Her sensibility conveys the magical combination of elements found in this South American country, brought to the page with all their poetic life intact.
ISBN: 978-9942-01-699-7 Hardcover : 204 pages Language: English and Spanish Dimensions: 11,8 x 11,8 inches
Publisher: Anamaria Chediak

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