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The Analogue Street Collective Magazine #4
by Lara Kantardjian, The Analogue Street Collective
Featuring 12 invited photographers along with the work of 8 Collective members. 16 May 2020. 378 pages, Softcover 210 x 297 mm portrait.

Featuring: NANÃ SOUSA DIAS Exclusive / ‘Ruralidades’ (Ruralities) Series, PETER SCHAFER ‘Brooklyn By Night’ Series, ROGÉRIO AKITI DEZEM ‘Naniwa A City Without A Face…’ Project, CHET BAK Profile, RUI CORREIA Interview, ROBERTO DE MITRI ‘City of Ghosts’ Series, ANTON NOVOSELOV ‘From Russia with Love’ Photo Story, JOEL DURAND Interview, FELECO ‘The Element Of Time In Photography’, SAFIA DELTA ‘Behind the Picture’ A Photo Story, BERNARD JOLIVALT ‘The Portrait Of Jorge Luis Borges’, FLORIAN SCHIESTERL ‘Odyssey East’ A Photo Essay.

Publisher: The Analogue Street Collective / Kantardjian Editions
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