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by Olesia Kim
The most well-known photo of Tobolsk was taken by the President of Russia Dmitri Medvedev in 2010. Later it was sold for 51 mln Rubles (equivalent to $1.7mln) at a charity auction held in Saint Petersburg. The only stone-built Siberian Kremlin, the Tobolskii one, depicted on the image, was shot during a helicopter flyby.

I felt curious about what was happening in Tobolsk that drew the attention of the Russian president. I didn’t want to see the city from a bird’s-eye view only. I really was interested in experiencing the urban spaces with the help of my camera to see the routines of the Tobolsk locals. While, at the same time, a lot of global and nation-wide dramatic events take place everywhere: countries emerge and collapse, financial crises occur, cutting-edge technologies are created at a high pace, presidents are changed, and entire nations migrate.

I really want to show more of the Tobolsk city that has become the hot nation-wide subject to discuss only after the photo displayed by Dmitrii Medvedev.
ISBN: 978-5-600-02505-9
Publisher: self-published