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My Travels Through The World On My Copy Machine
by Dominique Teufen
With the obsessive use of an office photocopier and the skilful appropriation of everyday objects, Dominique Teufen takes us on an extraordinary journey across the world. In this first monograph, her unknown, yet familiar landscapes, challenge our senses at every step of the way, amaze us and nourish our imagination. Photography is not used to render a precise reality but to dupe us and question our certitudes. The use of familiar references convoke reality and misleads us ingeniously. By looking closely at these reconstructed worlds, reality becomes an illusion – and inversely. Some landscapes are so realistic that we can’t believe that we have been misled; these elaborate images challenge our perception of reality and appearance. The narrative and imaginary aspect questioning the pure vision of documentary photography is still very much in question today, and this theme is handled by Dominique Teufen with a poetic yet simple aesthetic, in a both accurate and effective way.

Prix HSBC pour la Photographiecollection Directed by Christian Caujolle Hardcover, 19 x 24 cm 108 pages 55 B&W photographs

Text (English and French): Stefano Stoll, 2019 Artistic Advisor
ISBN: 978-2-36511-212-2
Publisher: Xavier Barral
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