Andreas Bromba

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"Wo Lärm auf der Gassen ist, da gehe fürbaß."
by Various authors, among others Andreas Bromba
The book is a compilation of all exhibitions of 2015 in the "Einstellungsraum" Gallery. This Hamburg gallery has a reputation for progressive exhibitions I showed my photo series "City from below": Places that are unexpected, beautiful, devoid of beauty. As if someone had suddenly turned off the sound or muted their mobile. We expect noise – we’re in the middle of the city after all. But the setting doesn’t need any sound. It has its own frequency. This is the “city from below”: photographs revealing the other sides of a city, beyond the crowds of tourists and coffee-table-book aesthetic – the “special flavour” that every city has.
ISBN: 978-3-938218-82-2
Publisher: hyperzine Verlag
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