Andreas Bromba

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berlin minimal
by Andreas Bromba

Surprising views of the City of Berlin

The photo series berlin minimal manages in a fascinating way, to take a completely new look at the capital. In his works, Andreas Bromba shows well-known buildings from Berlin, such as the Brandenburger Gate, the Siegessäule or the Dome of the Reichstag. By limiting the motives to extreme detailed views and small parts, he creates a new, just minimalistic perspective. The artist toys with our viewing habits. He encourages the beholder to sharpen his senses, and to rediscover the seemingly known.

At the same time, berlin minimal builds a bridge between the formerly separated parts of the city. Each district of Berlin is represented by at least one picture. Thus, we get to know the city as a whole, with all its opposites, but also its shared history.

Today, I am very proud to make Andreas Bromba´s photographs, in the premises of our Center for Brands and Communications „Opel in Berlin“, more accessible to a large audience. With the help of this exhibition, we underline our efforts to also place emphasis on the culture in Berlin. One aspect of our commitment is of particular importance to us: we want to provide a platform for young or still unknown artists. Our intense cooperation with the University of Arts, Berlin, expresses this involvement. And also the exhibition of Andreas Bromba´s photographs – compiled in this catalogue – fits perfectely into this scope,.

I cordially invite you to let yourselves in for this artistic adventure berlin minimal. I am sure that you will discover entirely new aspects of the City of Berlin, and that you will be able to see the known from a new angle.

Hans Demant Chairman of the Board of Adam Opel AG
Publisher: Adam Opel AG (then part of GM)