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by Alessio Zemoz
EL GERMESAS TAINDÔVAL Le messager Valdôtain 1989 The Family Tarots and the Aosta Valley Repubblic. “Freedom at any price” A. Celestine D. and a life without pictures. Short story of a weak genealogy. by Alessio Zemoz A. Celestine D. is a visual memory orphan: she didn’t inherit any family pictures. She inherited an identity of young european woman, mountaineer by tradition and free spirit by vocation. where > Valsavarenche, Aosta. Grand Paradiso National Parc the research > family pictures finded in Valsavarenche and around the process > from Family Pictures to Family Tarots Play cards following the tradition long life to the intramontismo!
ISBN: 979-12-200-2534-8
Publisher: progettoSKIA

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