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tempelhof. metamorphosis
by anna thiele
Tempelhof – a decommissioned airport, a huge area of fallow land in the middle of Berlin. For ten years the German photographer anna thiele has explored this open space and its change with her camera. Her photographs compellingly show the contrast between emptiness, vastness, and city life that has embraced this space. In the artistic work of the photographer this vitality is uniquely connected with a graphic quality, creating subtle and po­etic picture narratives. Photo art and time capsule are united in this book. /// 112 pages / 39 illustrations in colour and black-and-white / german + english / 25.2 x 27 cm / Hardcover / With texts by Matthias Harder + Christine Bartlitz / Release June 2020 /// Awarded the German Photobook Prize 20|21 in silver.
ISBN: 978-3-95476-334-4
Publisher: DISTANZ

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