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In a Labyrinth
by Michael Philip Manheim and Ximena Garnica
Photography book review from in E-Photo Newsletter #188 on 9 January 2012

By Matt Damsker

On the exotic end of the contemporary photographic spectrum, Michael Philip Manheim's multiple exposures of Butoh-a performance art developed by post-World War II Japanese youth, encompassing dance and movement--are dreamlike and graceful representations, in softly contrasted black-and-white, of young bodies in purposeful motion.  These nude dancers exude a primal power in their arching, aching, ritualized gestures and grapplings, and Manheim delivers the spirit and flesh of Butoh with delicacy and passion, as the blur of dance yields to the sharp-focus of an expressive face.  Indeed, "In a Labyrinth: The Dance of Butoh" is a slender but highly charged volume ($35, plus shipping and handling.  For more information, email: [email protected] , or call 1-215-822-5662; http://www.michaelphilipmanheim.com/labyrinth/

Matt Damsker is an author and critic, who has written about photography and the arts for the Los Angeles Times, Hartford Courant, Philadelphia Bulletin, Rolling Stone magazine and other publications.  
ISBN: 978-0-9844803-2-6
Publisher: Michael Philip Manheim
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