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Letter to my Father
by Anastasia Dubrava
This is very personal project, but at the same time it is close to many people. It's about the loss, the guilt, sorrow and the future life.

My father Oleg Dubrava died tragically in an accident. We had a difficult relationship, and the poignant suddenness of his death did not leave me the opportunity to talk to him the last time and explain myself to him, ask for forgiveness. That left me tormented with guilt. 10 years have passed, but I still see my dad in everything around me: in the house that he designed and built; in his few belongings which still keep his smell; in his company that he founded; in his poems; in his grandson who does not remember him but resembles him so much, and in his granddaughter who never saw him. He is in me ...

This book has become for me the only way to talk to my dad, to tell him about my life and feelings, and to hear his answers in his lyrics. This is our common work: my father's lyrics and my photographs.

Print house: Nemakulatura, Moscow, Russia

Edition: 50 copies

Number of pages: 92

The book is bilingual - Russian and English

Publisher: self-published

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