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Black Aesthetic Season III: Black Interiors
by Nan Collymore
Literary Nonfiction. California Interest. African & African American Studies. Women's Studies. LGBTQIA Studies. Art. Film. Music. BLACK AESTHETIC SEASON III: BLACK INTERIORS is a book exploring the collective depths and singular nuances of Black experience through cinema and visual representation. Edited by nan collymore and The Black Aesthetic Curatorial Collective (Jamal Batts, Ra Malika Imhotep, and Leila Weefur), the book comes on the heels of the third and fourth seasons of film screenings curated by the Bay Area-based Black Aesthetic Collective (TBA), whose mission is to curate a collective understanding of Black visual culture. The final publication in the series, BLACK AESTHETIC SEASON III: BLACK INTERIORS includes personal essay, film criticism, poetry, conceptual and theoretical artwriting, photography and more. It is a book of remembrance and (re)configuration: "Black Lives. Black Aesthetics. Black Troubles. Black Stillness. Black Joy. Black Study. Black Silence. Black Movement. Black Matter. Black Sounds. Black Woes. Black Noise. Black-ography. Welcome to Black Interiors."

Contributors include Jamal Batts, Leila Weefur, Ra Malika Imhotep, nan collymore, Arisa White, Michael Boyce Gillespie, Leigh Raiford, Michele May Curry & Ricky Weaver, Renee Royale, See Black Women, Sasha Kelley and Andrew Wilson.
ISBN: 1733276130
Publisher: Wolfman Books

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