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by Alberte A. Pereira
Landscapes without horizon, intersections and labyrinths outlined in white on the harsh gray of the asphalt, passersby overcome by the weight of their shadows, gazes interrupted at the limits of the frame, unstable planes on which fractals and bodies are projected, unexpected encounters of volumes, segments and colors, whimsical shapes with which the points are aligned to reveal an oversight, an abandonment ...

In the street, the images are insinuated with defiant impudence to reason and the photographer appeals to an intrepid syntax: metaphors of shadows, rhetoric of light, stories cut on the blank page with broken calligraphy of edges, signs and warnings; Intuition explores the rigorous grid where movement and will stops, and finds the rebellious exclamation of uncontrolled vomiting sprinkled on the pavement.

Territory traced by the oblique and audacious gaze: daily ritual of flooring and walls, ruthless architecture of iron and roughness of cement, memory stuck between cobblestone and mortar, banks of a dry river where vain effigies pass, whose banks languish rusty armor of formidable wits. The epic of the street will be revealed to us in the chaos, in an ironic story through which faceless strangers pass by, extras without a past and ignorant people captured between the four segments: they will never understand the logic of the fragment. © Blas González
ISBN: 978-84-120734-8-5

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