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Breaking Bread: Recipes and Stories from Immigrant Kitchens
by Lynne Christy Anderson
With stories of hand-rolled pasta and homemade chutney, visits to local markets and backyard gardens, and foraging trips for mushrooms and grape leaves, this book recounts in loving detail the memories, recipes, and culinary traditions of people who have come to the United States from around the world. Chef and teacher Lynne Anderson has gone into immigrant kitchens and discovered the power of food to recall a lost world for those who have left nearly everything behind. Here she presents a cornucopia of stories describing meals shared with family and friends, traditions passed through generations, and unusual ingredients and cooking techniques. The enticing, easy-to-prepare recipes feature specialties like Greek dolmades, Filipino adobo, Brazilian peixada, and Sudanese mulukhiyah. They include a spicy lamb stew from Ethiopia, a complete dinner from Pakistan, mushroom casserole from Russia, and much more. Together with Robin Radin's beautiful photographs, these stories and recipes will inspire cooks of all levels to explore new traditions while perhaps rediscovering their own culinary roots.
ISBN: 9780520262577
Publisher: University of California Press

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