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News from Nowhere
by Laura Ribero
Artist Book. There are currently 2648 abandoned villages and towns in Spain, empties or with fewer than a hundred inhabitants. In Catalonia, there are 257 of these locations, small places founded in ancient times, that have gradually gotten empty for several reasons: by the migration of its inhabitants to bigger cities, the lack of basic public services, natural disasters or violent acts during the Spanish Civil War.

We have traveled about 745 mi along the Pyrenees searching for some of these places. Lost towns in the middle of nowhere, some covered by nature and others without access roads. In many cases, not even the three maps or the two GPSs we had helped us to find them. This was a trip to a blurred past, to places that have stopped in time, a vague memory of what they used to be, locations that (almost) do not exist anymore…
ISBN: 978-65-00-08113-8

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