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by Yago Ruiz
Foreword by Jose Benito Ruiz (Spanish):

ETHIOPIA is one of those vital experiences that changes the person deeply, that is able to relocate and infuse values you could never have imagined. It turns up into a parallel world that only inhabits the mind of those who have been there in the cold sunrises and in the sweltering heat.

Values that are imposed when they are evoked from the everyday world of those who have lived and who are able to abstract in any situation. However, the strongest memories are usually anchored to the faces, the people who have been important in that immersion that allows the photographer to enter the infinite confines of the human soul.

Yago Ruiz’s journey is magical and sincere, approached from the fascination of those who love and respect the culture of differences, from those who surrender to his camera longing to find those moments that are unrepeatable and supreme. Each image is an instant filled with emotion, and memories that will allow us to imagine, dream, live and reach unknown realities.

In an innocent way, I opened for the first time the model of the book, expecting to find deserted landscapes but I did not find them, because Yago is attracted by the scenes that happen in the authentic world of the rural and human landscape, where people show us the essence of the country where they live.

You only have to stare at the first photographs of the book to understand how those who live there kindly serve us as a vehicle to grasp the landscapes and their live stories through their eyes. To them, Yago has dedicated his attention; to the humble who know deeply the environment in which they develop, full of dignity, the same as the one that the photographer has shaped in each of their eyes.

In these infinite months of experience he has had to learn to become invisible, to anticipate action, to provoke it, to seek and find, to adapt, to renounce and to succeed. It is the life of the photographer who looks at the world wanting to see its good side, with ethics and the firm decision to transfer realities to different worlds in order to know those places, meet their people that we may never come to visit.

By the strength of these images we know that there will be new trips and stunning captured scenes, but this great experience in Ethiopia will be forever indelible from Yago’s memory and from all those who enjoy through his eyes the aesthetic of these unforgettable photographs.
ISBN: 978-84-617-5806-7
Publisher: Self published
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