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Raindrop Blues
by Alessio Trerotoli
“The rain washes memories off the sidewalk of life”, Woody Allen said in an old movie. Raindrops, like in a blues song, fall with a repetitive but fascinating rhythm, awakening, as they were called in XVII century, the “blue demons”: a suffused sensation of melancholia.

Raindrop Blues Project tries, through double exposures and street photography, to dip the viewer in a sort of dreamlike reality. The rain seems to fall on everyone, creating evocative images where every element – the street, the sky, the characters, the viewer – is involved in a romantic and, in the same time, melancholic feeling.

As Bob Marley said, when it rains some “feel” the rain, others just get wet.
ISBN: 9781715099916
Publisher: Blurb

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