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by Marvel Harris

In this book, photographer Marvel Harris describes his struggle with mental illness, self-love, self-acceptance, and gender identity. The images are part of Marvel's ongoing long-term project entitled Inner Journey and they hit you with a raw honesty – the subject bare and unadorned, elegantly captured in monochromatic light. Being autistic, Marvel has struggled to connect the many words in his head with all sorts of emotions and express himself. Photography has taught him to manage emotions he was not capable of adequately putting into words, and to connect with the world around him when he needs it the most. With this book, Marvel hopes to contribute to an increased awareness of the issues surrounding gender identity, as well as to a more tolerant attitude from society towards transgender people and those who don't entirely identify as either male or female. “Initially, the main focus of my project was my gender transition. Along the way, I found out that instead, it’s about the ongoing search for myself: being a human with feelings, who is continuously developing.” — Marvel Harris

ISBN: 978-90-9033658-9
Publisher: Marvel Harris
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