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Path | Polku
by Eeva Karhu
Through the layered structure of her photographs, Eeva Karhu reflects on time and its cyclic nature, using multiple exposures as her technique for recording time’s passage. Her art engages in the study of perception and cognition. The human eye and memory are not like a camera, which records everything unselectively, because the experiences relayed by our visual receptors are always coloured by our emotions and other sensory impressions.

“I walk in a circle, on a path with no beginning or end. I photograph this path, where each new beginning is the horizon of the previous one. By layering my photographs, they form a collective image that documents my journey. In a sense, I record time and in so doing, I continue its movement forever.”

Karhu has held numerous solo exhibitions in Finland as well as in Berlin, London, Paris and Stockholm. Path is the first book-form presentation of her art.
ISBN: ISBN 978-952-7226-59-9
Publisher: Parvs
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