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Boys of Volta
by Jeremy Snell
The Boys of Volta series by Jeremy Snell is a sensitive portrayal of the people and environment surrounding Lake Volta, Ghana. This enormous man-made lake is the largest in the world. Spanning half of Ghana its surface is scattered with eerie tree trunks where once you would find dense forests. Fishing is now one of the main industries for the people here. Demanding long hours in often challenging conditions. Jeremy’s series follows the story of the fisher boys he encountered here.

Amidst all the magic and beauty of the lake, there remains a starker reality. Thousands of children work in its massive fishing industry — and many of these children are trafficked into labour.

10% of this book’s profits will be donated to the NGO, International Justice Mission, who work with partners in the criminal justice system to ensure that law enforcement and prosecutors have the training and support they need to identify victims, launch rescues, arrest suspects, and to help create better circumstances for these boys.

Publisher: Setanta Books
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