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The Eyes of Earth
by Solmaz Daryani
THE EYES OF EARTH by Solmaz Daryani

The Eyes of Earth by Solmaz Daryani is the recipient of the 2021 FotoEvidence W Award.

Copyright 2021 FotoEvidence. All rights reserved. Photographs copyright © 2021 Solmaz Daryani Personal Essay copyright © 2021 Solmaz Daryani

Memories © 2021 Manoocher Deghati

Introduction © Amir AghaKouchak

Photo Editor: Manoocher Deghati

Text Editor: David Stuart

Design: Joao Linneu

THE EYES OF EARTH tells a deeply personal story about the environmental disaster at Lake Urmia as seen through the eyes of Solmaz Daryani, a self-taught Iranian photographer, who grew up on the lake.

The book contains 132 pages, 41 color photographs, and 19 images from Daryani's family archive. Paper: ARCTIC Volume White and Munken Print Cream. Swiss- hardcover binding.

“The Eyes of Earth” is dedicated to Narges Qasempoor, Solmaz's grandmother. An illiterate woman who knew the importance of balance between humans and nature and managed to plant 800 trees during her lifetime. She died from Covid-19 during the process of creating the book.

The publication of the book The Eyes of Earth is made possible with the support of the VII Academy, FotoEvidence Foundation, and the Grodzins Fund.

Link to the FotoEvidence bookstore: https://fotoevidence.com/books/the-eyes-of-earth-by-solmaz-daryani
ISBN: 1732471177, 9781732471177
Publisher: FotoEvidence, 2021

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