TOKYO 2014-2015 Tama River
by Naomi Iida
Kindle published. Since I was born, perhaps because it has been apart but an inseparable part of my life, I feel like I have lived side by side with the Tama River. Taking a slight detour off the long cycling path that parallels the water, an old riverbed can be found. An especially beautiful place, a breathtaking place. Entangled vegetation from repeated flooding, birds fly about in in the open expanse of sky, the sort that is hard to find in Tokyo. As if hiding in the trees, large buildings are dotted here and there. In the 1970s, this river was known as the “Dead River” due to massive pollution stemming from rapid population growth along its length; these large structures are the sewerage treatment plants built to counter the damage that was being done to the river. With technological innovations over time, the water that quietly flows down the Tama is now so clean you can practically drink it. The trade-off for this, however, is a proliferation of introduced species. Several native species now face extinction as a result. A big city river, kept pristine by man at a cost. Its contradictions only serve to deepen my affection for it all the more.

33 photos+cover/ 37 pages
Publisher: CRP JAPAN