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Dreamlands / Wastelands
by Rhiannon Adam
Dreamlands / Wastelands documents Rhiannon’s fascination with ‘Britishness’ and takes its title from T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, and Margate’s Dreamland amusement park. Consisting of expired dreamlike Polaroid images of the ‘everyman’ resort towns of Margate and Benidorm, this book is influenced by Rhiannon’s isolated childhood spent on the sea.

Images of the two resorts sit side by side, each spread drawing out the similarities between Brits at home and abroad. Dreamlands / Wastelands grasps at the essence of what being British means, told through the holidays of then and the holidays of now.

145mm x 200mm Letterpressed covers 68 pages Handmade With signed print First edition of 100 Hand numbered
Publisher: Jane & Jeremy
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