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by Stephen Shaw
Stephen's photographs document memorable local events and characters in Grange park history, many of which have now passed away, they all lived on the estate where Stephen has also lived all his life. The Images include open secrets, murders of childhood friends, lives lost tragically with strong symbolic narratives of superstition, speaking through lingering connections, ghosts of the past affecting a future. Symbolic deja vu and omens that align with current societal problems. In time strange grew stranger birthing a separate cultural and personally painful story with uncannily accurate symbols reflecting his life tragedy in each photograph.

Secret worlds not many people are exposed to and what most people don't understand seems like magic.

Each project contains images informed by his personal dreams, childhood and present. Strangely some photographs are also initiated by deja vu whilst working with sitters. This story is ongoing and informs all Stephens projects each containing a dual narrative consisting of social power constructs within authority. Shaw's personal pain came to light regarding authority and society whilst documenting Strange before and throughout lock-down. This hybrid experience has been photographed, diarised and documented daily in journals over 6 years. A story hoping to be shared and understood.

Stephen hope's to ultimately bring a window of reality through which the audience can see truths they would otherwise be blind to.

This work also highlights how areas of social segregation with decreased social mobility can cause deprivation that promote undesirable negative behaviours. These behaviours create a mindset of dis-association with continues a vicious circle of death, violence and isolation.
Publisher: Amazon/Blurb

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