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by Oliver Raymond Barker
A portable camera obscura records the deep time of Scotland’s Rosneath Peninsula, home of the UK’s nuclear weapons program, in a handmade limited artists’ book.

"Trinity" by British artist Oliver Raymond Barker explores the complex histories embedded in the fabric of the land and engages with narratives around spirituality, protest and control. Early christian pilgrims voyaged to remote corners of the British Isles such as Rosneath in search of sanctuary; they sought to use the elemental power of nature as a means of gaining spiritual enlightenment. Today however, the peninsula is dominated by the presence of the military bases HMNB Faslane and RNAD Coulport. Existing alongside these sprawling sites are the small, temporary constructions of itinerant activists protesting against the nuclear presence – locations such as the Peace Wood bear traces of their occupation. Through an immersive process, made on the boundaries of the photographic medium, this work weaves together these disparate yet interconnected threads.
ISBN: 978-1-912719-17-4
Publisher: Loose Joints

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