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「霧幻の水森』Forest of Misty Vision
by Koseki Kazuaki
"Forest of Misty Vision" 2022.2.25.on Sale Photographer Kazuaki Koseki

* Partial excerpt from the Artbook "Forest of Misty Vision" statement. The abundance of water is also a testament to the existence of harsh winters with deep snow. The world of trees budding just as the snow melts and being shrouded in mist, reflected on the surface of the lake of melted snow, has a beauty that touches the depths of the heart. There exists a world where reality and unreality are mixed together. Surrounded by mountains including the Iide mountain range, Iide Town in Yamagata Prefecture receives heavy snowfall in winter that piles up to several meters high. In April, when the snow begins to melt, meltwater flows in from the Shirakawa, Hirokawa, and Hutagawa Rivers. For a month from the end of winter to early summer, the broad-leafed trees, mainly the "white willow" that grow in clusters in Shirakawa Lake, filled with snowmelt water, that floods the forest. In the early morning, the water surface changes from light blue to emerald green, depending on the angle of view.

The thick fog peculiar to the area creates a fantastic reflection of the submerged trees. Gradually, the submerged forests sprout new greenery and change their beauty into fresh green submerged forests. As spring passes, the melting snow flows into the fields to grow crops, and the submerged forests resurface.

Was the fantastic forest in flooded water an illusion? As if it was just an illusion shrouded in mist, the forest in water is fleetingly returning to the forest on earth...
ISBN: 9784938551780
Publisher: TOSEISHA 冬青社

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