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Nicaragua, Nicaragüita
by Charlie Ferguson
I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua from 2003 to 2005. In my free time I took photos. There was no preconceived notion of a book. The camera was simply a means to connect with Nicaragua on a deeper level. It pushed me down roads I wouldn’t have traveled and introduced me to people I wouldn’t have stopped to meet. Ultimately, it gave me a profound appreciation for the Nicaraguan people.

Life was difficult for most of them. Nicaragua was the second poorest country in the Americas at the time, second only to Haiti. Civil war, natural disasters and government corruption are just some of the hardships the country had to overcome. Despite the adversity, I was amazed at how Nicaraguans pushed forward with humility and grace, never losing their sense of humor. This book is a tribute to them.

9 x 9 inches 84 pages, 40 photographs Hardcover: foil stamp on cloth
Publisher: Self Published

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