From the Front: The Story of War through Correspondents
by Michael Sweeney
Publisher's Description


In compelling text and captivating photographs, From The Front presents an in-depth look at war and features the chronicles of the journalists who risk their lives to bring the images of war to us.

In this gripping archive of war, Sweeney presents a fascinating history of the evolution of warfare and of war correspondence-from soldiers working double-duty as recorders of war to today's journalists who don helmets in pursuit of their story. Along the way, readers will discover the important role photographers and writers have played in influencing war, its strategies, and its outcomes.

From the Crimean War in 1854 to the ongoing war against terrorism in the 21st century, discover the story of war in all its horror, triumph, and global impact. Then see it brought to life for the home front-and recorded for posterity-by correspondents reporting from the front lines. In From the Front, Michael S. Sweeney takes readers to witness war through astonishing photography, maps, artwork, and compelling text. In addition, he features the vivid, first-hand accounts of the journalists who captured war. Among its memorable moments, the book reveals a close-up view of the ill-fated charge of the Light Brigade and, later, Custer's last stand. remembers the Spanish Civil War, featuring accounts of Ernest Hemingway; relives the London Blitz, with a focus on broadcaster Edward Murrow; and forever documents obscure Vietnam battlefields through the lens of Larry Burrows.

The first book of its kind,
From the Front fosters rare insight into the telling of war, and shows, in exquisite detail, how the tales have shaped our lives.

Michael S. Sweeney is a professor of journalism at Utah State University and an expert on war censorship in journalism. His recent book Secrets of Victory was the 2001 'Choice' Academic title.
ISBN: 0792269195
Publisher: National Geographic
Hardcover : 320 pages
Language: English
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