Women Photographers at National Geographic
by Cathy Newman
Publisher's Description

Showcasing some of the most powerful, startling, intimate, and dramatic photojournalism and photographic art ever published by the National Geographic Society, now in a quality trade paper edition, this retrospective honors the women behind the lens.

Ranging from the early trailblazing images by the legendary Eliza Skidmore to the postmodern, experimental, and often astonishing work of Jodi Cobb and her contemporaries, here is a provocative celebration and resounding affirmation of the photographer's enduring art. Author Cathy Newman-longtime colleague of the book's subjects-skillfully combines a succinct account of the evolving history of women photographers at the Society with a seamless, anecdote-rich narrative about the daily lives and artistic mission of some 35 photographers through time. A diverse series of photographs attests to the vitality and innovation that these awardwinning women have brought to their respective fields.

This retrospective features an introduction by renowned art historian and author Naomi Rosenblum and a foreword by Tipper Gore, who has been on both sides of the camera as a public figure of the United States and a former photographer for The Tennessean.
Women Photographers at National Geographic is an empowering and timely tribute.

Acclaim for Women Photographers at National Geographic:

'Inspiring stories of globe-trotting adventure.' - Wall Street journal '...stunning pictures of people, wildlife and places from around the globe.' - The Associated Press

Cathy Newman began her career writing for the Miami News and joined the staff of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine in 1978. As a senior staff writer she has covered such diverse subjects as the Shakers, trout, beauty, and the English Channel Tunnel. She is the author of Perfume: The Art and Science of Scent and Fashion. She lives in Washington, D.C.
ISBN: 0792276892
Publisher: National Geographic
Hardcover : 232 pages
Language: English
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