George Eastman: A Biography
by Elizabeth Brayer
Publisher's Description
Just who was George Eastman? This impressive biography helps to explain the man who had aggressively created one of the world's largest industrial concerns, donated millions of dollars to the Tuskeegee Institute, M.I.T., children's health organizations, and ended his own life with the note, "My work is done. Why wait?"
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The innovative founder of the Eastman Kodak Company was not generally known for his thirst for adventure, his love of art and classical music, or his philanthropic activities, yet these were all important aspects of the man. George Eastman (1854-1932) was a complicated individual who lived most of his long, industrious life out of the public eye; his private affairs both admirable and dubious are now out in the open, thanks to this scholarly and scrupulous biography. Eastman is revealed as cold, shrewd, modest, and surprisingly generous in this colorful portrait. The text is appropriately enhanced by a number of rare photographs.
ISBN: 0801852633
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Hardcover : 704 pages
Language: English
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