Alligators, Prehistoric Presence in the American Landscape (Creating the North American Landscape)
by Professor Martha A. Strawn
Publisher's Description
A diverse look at the issues facing the American alligator.
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This richly illustrated photographic essay celebrates an ancient creature that is generally reviled, and it charts many possibilities for the future of alligators in the United States. Alligators are flourishing in many places, but in critical habitats such as the Everglades their numbers are declining dramatically as nesting grounds and watercourses are altered by development; in an accompanying essay, naturalist J. Whitfield Gibbons suggests that this pattern can be reversed so that alligators can once again be "one of the most picturesque features of our lakes, rivers, and bayous." This book is a real treat for 'gator lovers.
ISBN: 0801852897
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Hardcover : 240 pages
Language: English
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