America 1900: The Turning Point (American Experience)
by Judy Crichton
Publisher's Description
This sweeping narrative--set in the year 1900, with chapters corresponding to the months of the year--follows an eclectic group of men and women over the course of the year. Jack London, Harry Truman, Wilbur and Orville Wright, William McKinley, and Scott Joplin are all characters whose influence was either waxing or waning in that seminal year. Based on the historical events of the year and richly told in over 100 images, this book proves to a compelling read, authored by the executive producer of the PBS series The American Experience.
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Judy Crichton, a documentary producer known for her work with PBS's The American Experience, has written a companion book for a PBS documentary about a momentous year in American history--a book that's just as great a read on its own merits. As the United States entered the 20th century, American manufacturing was conquering the globe, problems with rebels in the Philippines and the Boxer Rebellion in China were vexing, and American scientists were experimenting with therapeutic x-rays even as the automobile and the telephone gradually became commonplace. By the end of 1900, William McKinley would be reelected as president with a new running mate, Theodore Roosevelt, who would himself occupy the White House within a year.

The characters and colossal events of 1900 are presented in a style both laden with facts and dramatically engaging, as Crichton presents a narrative that can rival that of a historical novel. Not only are the major figures--including William Jennings Bryan, J.P. Morgan, and Admiral Dewey--portrayed in full, rich characterizations, common Americans, from doomed miners to a Missouri teenager obsessed with books by the name of Harry Truman, are also vividly depicted. America 1900's account of what the United States was, and what it as about to become, is both a pleasure to read and a welcome illumination of a pivotal time in American history. --Robert McNamara

ISBN: 0805053654
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Hardcover : 288 pages
Language: English
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